Another Kind of Female Domination

Are you looking for a Domina in Berlin? Or for a Bizarre Lady? Do you revel in games involving champagne, face farting and caviar? Are you into strap-on play and face-sitting? Then look no further!
Lady Sina is the Mistress for you!

Dear slave,

Inspired by stories of BDSM and Fetish (for example about Sina, the Amazon), I remembered events and experiences from the past in my homeland in Southeast Europe.

Memories and passionate feelings returned to me. I wanted to recall the oppressive atmosphere of my youth and assume the role of a dominant, strong woman and thus to experience everything again from a position of power.

And so I dream about submissive and masochistic men, licking, kissing, creeping under my feet, rubbing themselves against me, masturbating beneath my skirt.

Unusual games are welcome! Fetishes with natural such as stinging-nettles, water, mud and wax are especially attractiveto me.
Sexual intercourse and oral sex are out of the question.

I conduct 'classical' education sessions and bondage and flaggelation with great pleasure!

Facesitting, piss and scat are my passions.

A one hour session costs 150€ (scat 50€ extra). Including preliminary chat and closing talk, the session lasts up to two hours.

If you wish to have a session, please call me between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
tel. +49 172 384 23 41.
My premises are located in Berlin, by Schönhauser Allee, Gleimstr. 54, 10437 Berlin.

SM Sport with Nature Sparkling Wine
- 25:48 min. video. What a slave will do, to win his lady's favours! The greatest humiliation do not frighten him! After a song of gratitude, he has to drink my piss without throwing up!
A Special Cherry On The Cake - 20:42 In the holidays my nephew visited me and showed me his latex outfit. I was pleased that my lesson last summer had been so successful. This time I pushed a dildo in the arse and made him tasty for my caviar.
14 extrem scat-pictures mem. Joy at Christmastime. Breakfast With Coffee, Champagne And Caviar with the sweet Sebastian. This film brings radiant joy in long dreary nights!
Summergreetings - 11:22 min.
A Prince On his Throne - 10 min. video. The prince sat on his throne. Full of humility he accepts punishment and pain.
The fine art of the lacquered boot - 21 min
Posed for Exhibition And Demonstration - 32:22 Min including a story
The Bin Bag In The Forest - 20:19. I turn quietly and inconspicuously into a quite sadistic woman! It is terrible how much fun I have tormenting the poor devil.
Summerfun 1 - 13:26 min. It was a healthy fun to have my pussy licked by my prince in the last sunbeams of summer.
Sina - 6 new pictures
The One-eyed Gunter - 14:25 min. His task was to please me with his tongue. But as number 21 in the queue of servants, he had to vacate the place for number  22.
Special Treatment For A Milksop - 24:12 Min. the Prince is sometimes a princess. Instead of blows there was therefore love. My First Session With Prince. He overcame his fear. Breath control and feminisation were on the agenda. But the bondage that followed was merciless!
Jaro - 27:47 min. video, mem. A compatriot came to me in the hope of finding accomodation. Without warning he had to suffer bondage and a caning. Exhausted, he finds himself on a road somwhere, dressed as a woman.
Normal Everyday Life 4 - 9:34. min. With caviar and champagne licked out the story ends.
Normal Everyday Life 3 - 18:57 min. Candlewax treatment, I tormented Prince so painfully ...
Normal Everyday Life 2 - 10:52 min. The game continues with Putzi and sparkling wine...
Normal Everyday Life 1 - video. I divided up my marvelous experiences with Putzi and Prinz into four little film sequences. With the two slaves together, I enjoyed the game even more.
Lick Away - video. ... The sperm was licked away from between my legs, with such greedy eagerness.
My Prince - 11:56 min. video. Helpless and humiliated, the prince is put on show here.
The Prinz - 6 pictures, mem. I have a prince as a friend. He likes Bondage, but if inecessary, he will lick a strange's sperm from my pussy. The video follows!
Tom - part 1-3, videos mem.
Gorgeous George On My First Dear Swing - 23:10 min.
Dildogag - 9 pic. And afterwards Anja satisfied me.
Fitnesstraining 2 With Jürgen And Paul - 29:27 min. and 17 pictures. mem.
Fitness Training with a Secret Observer - 3 min. video.
The Test Hour - 17:58 min. video

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